Thursday 8 December 2022

A Short Compendium of Stuff.


These things have been sent to keep Idle hands and brain cells occupied during these cold months.

  A notion to actually make something came over me so I gathered some of my better scraps together and constructed this fine galley box. 

By the time I'd bought the fittings I could have had a fairly passable flight case off Amazon, but where is the pleasure in that?  

There have also been some hours spent at the grindstone while Britain's Finest Bakers and Dancers have gone through the ritual humiliation at the hands of over-paid celebs and The Great British Public. 

Katie Beardie is getting a make-over. 

A wee tuck here, some liposuction there. 

Just a sliver or two off the buttocks.

And Of course, there have been a couple of bike trips with The Muddy Boys.

A finer bunch of fellows you won't meet this side of the Dorset Gap. 

Don't do that John. 



1 comment:

Chris Waite said...

Jolly Dee, Grum!

I note the raised stem - the latest fashion, (will it still squeeze out of the couple of ply boards?), like the rudder downhaul tunnel and wonder what you are up to changing the balance lug to standing....

Better roller reefing, perhaps chaps?

And that's just for starters

Christo the W