Thursday 6 May 2010

Its all Greek to me!

Last year we took a short holiday on the Greek Island of Keffalonia.

It was very enjoyable, lots of interesting local colour, and even some nice traditional boats in the harbour in amongst all the GRP flotilla traffic.

Some are actually used for fishing whilst some are obviously put there for effect by the local tourist board, even so the British could learn a thing or two about dressing up their coastal resorts.  It beats filling them with flowers and dumping them on a roundabout.

We decided to book a week in Skopelos this year, and with our usual faultless timing made our reservation the week before the Greek economy went into free-fall. There's talk of increasing VAT to 22%,  there has been rioting on the streets of Athens and a general strike which has disabled the airports with flights out of GB being cancelled.

On top of that the Icelandic Volcanoe continues to spew ash clouds into the atmosphere adding another dimension to air travel. 

So with a nod to all those Greeks who refuse to pay their taxes here is a photo of one rich local who doesn't quite know how to get his Riva aboard his yacht. 

And another nod to the sometimes risky business of booking your cruise without actually seeing the ship first .

Wish us Luck !