Sunday 9 September 2012

A Roller Blind on a Dumpster?

Which of these boats is the most recent design? 

Well remembering that there is nothing new under the sun, the one on the right, the Puddle Duck Racer was devised in the last few years while the Enterprise dates back to the fifties.  

This is Bob, he's a bit of an inventor, he built this PDR in his shed and called it Dumpster. The thing about the PDR is that the only restrictions are the underwater shape which is pre-defined, the rest you can pretty much do what you want. Bob's is a very conservative design compared to some.  Neat and functional. You can find out more here. 

Bob had great fun sailing his little boat all over Chichester Harbour, however Dumpster is a bit slow, so he always tried to leave about an hour earlier than everyone else. The Roller reefing design was borrowed from Al's Paradox, below, and it works like a dream. Pull the string and up she goes, pull another and down she comes. Simples!

Thursday 6 September 2012

G&T down by the Jetty ?

How do you tell if you are Cruising or Racing ? 
Are there any other boats in sight? -  Yes,
You're Racing! 

I was slipping down the reach past Itchenor when George crept up behind me in his new Goat Island Skiff.  A few minutes later a couple in an Enterprise had joined us and then a Chap in a Miracle. Of course we weren't racing  but its funny how things start to get competitive as soon as there is another boat close-by .  It was very light airs and sheets were trimmed ever so slightly, weight adjusted for best trim etc. There was even a loose wager with the Enterprise that  last to the pub bought the drinks but they peeled off heading for Dell Quay, which is probably just as well as she looked like she could sink a G & T or two.