Monday 14 January 2019

Keeping Things in Perspective.

The final plank to be fixed to a hull is commonly called the Whiskey Plank.

 So named because a tot or two of Whiskey was often poured to celebrate this milestone. 

Never one to shun tradition I thought I would keep up this practice by breaking the seal on

 one of my Christmas Presents. Maybe invite a few friends round. 

However once I got things in perspective I realised it was better to celebrate on my own. 

And that reminded me of one of the very best Father Ted sketches.

  Just Brilliant. 

Thursday 10 January 2019

Sunset Boulevard

Another great day out with the Muddy Boys. 

Once again we were blessed with the weather. 

The Beech Avenue following the course of the old Roman Road near Wilton

The ubiquitous bike shot. 

Tisbury Tithe Barn.
 Grade1 listed  c14century
 "The biggest but not the longest in England."
 Damned by faint praise  

You can see the Fovant Regimental Badges from here,

 "No John over that way". 

The Glimmer Twins
 The Fluorescent Brothers 

Thank You and Good Night.