Tuesday 20 December 2022

Twelve Years


Thursday 8 December 2022

A Short Compendium of Stuff.


These things have been sent to keep Idle hands and brain cells occupied during these cold months.

  A notion to actually make something came over me so I gathered some of my better scraps together and constructed this fine galley box. 

By the time I'd bought the fittings I could have had a fairly passable flight case off Amazon, but where is the pleasure in that?  

There have also been some hours spent at the grindstone while Britain's Finest Bakers and Dancers have gone through the ritual humiliation at the hands of over-paid celebs and The Great British Public. 

Katie Beardie is getting a make-over. 

A wee tuck here, some liposuction there. 

Just a sliver or two off the buttocks.

And Of course, there have been a couple of bike trips with The Muddy Boys.

A finer bunch of fellows you won't meet this side of the Dorset Gap. 

Don't do that John. 



Monday 14 November 2022

DCA Rally to Thornham Marina.


A major deviation in the Jet Stream on Saturday brought unseasonably warm weather all the way from the Azores which made this mid-November Rally very pleasant indeed. 

It was so warm even I turned up. 

There had been a bit of a flap when word got round that the winch at Cobnor was U.S. (again) but things calmed down when we realised we'd be mob-handed. 

Mary Dooly had recently bought a Welsford Scamp and had enlisted Tom and CW to help her sort out all the bits of string. 

There was a bit of debate about how best to get the Scamp off the trailer without submerging the bearings but after not much thought Tom and I lifted the tow hitch and she slid gracefully and effortlessly into the water.  

There was a good turnout of boats with Steve Justin and David launching from Itchenor and Mary with Chris Waite as crew, Mike and Sarah Curtis in their Morbic12 and Tom in his Otter and myself all launching at Cobnor.  

The wind was as forecast SE 3-4 which made for an easy reach up towards Five Pipe Island then up Thorney Channel with the last of the flood towards the lunch stop on the cozy shingle beach below the marina.   Steve, Tom, and David had taken the shortcut across the "Northwest Passage" but everyone took the long way round on the way back as the tide had turned and the grass had grown above the water level again. 

I didn't get back early enough to see the Scamp being recovered but apparently it had gone as smoothly as the launch with Mary's car pressed into tow-truck duties. 

Owners of small cruisers should take note, a well sorted trailer is worth its weight. 

Thanks to Tom for the some of the photos, and a mental note to self to tidy up the reefing on Sistership. 

A Grand Day Out. 


Monday 12 September 2022

Cobnor '22


Had to set up "Big Camp"  as the Grandkids were coming. 

Marc Smith in his Waterlust Canoe. 

The fleet assembled at East Head 

Night Time relaxation.

Marc Assembling the Waterlust

Brooke on the Helm. 

The Fleet at Sandy Point 

Richard in his Lilly Yawl. 



Honey singed the kids. 

Time to go home