Tuesday 24 May 2022

Hebridean Way Day 5 - The Climax.

The Butt of Lewis
Via The Borve Country Hotel 
Back to Borve 

It was a game of Two Halves Jim. 

44 miles 

Lewis' answer to IKEA 

Oh those long straight roads. 

The Butt of Lewis Lighthouse. The end of the road.......not quite. 

Excellent Adventure Dudes! 

The man and his steed, all that way and only one gear. 

The Port of Ness 

Celebratory Chocolate Fudge Cake with Ice-Cream and Coffee
 at the Community Cafe in Nis. 

Having achieved our goal we now turn our wheels towards Home. 

A Bus Shelter 

You can't see it but there was a stonking great headwind all the way back to the hotel. It'll get worse before it gets better, but in the meantime. 

Borve House Hotel.

Just sublime. 

Monday 23 May 2022

Hebridean Way Day 4

 Tarbert to Callanish 

Over the Big Hill and Far Away. 

A long haul up the pass followed by a slow decent where the wind stopped us dead. Its unusual to have to pedal downhill to keep going. We stopped for coffee and cake but after a "misunderstanding" we got on our high dudgeon and left.

 Hence our alfresco snack behind the big stone. Pizza Hut's farthest outpost wasn't open yet so we pressed on to the Callanish Visitors Centre for late Coffee and Cake. 

Onward to the slightly quirky Doune Braes Hotel. A bit of a time-warp back to 1975 but a nice friendly place with a huge bike-shed and Individual Rooms such luxury. 

47 miles quite hilly! 

Peek A Boo !
JP checks his bum for blisters.

We'll get up that no-bother. 

Bloody Hell!

JP waiting at the top, on his single-speeder ! 

The Flying Dutchman approaches, and then He's gone ! 

I told them there was a nice wee cafe just down the road !

The point where Bonnie Prince Charlie touched down on his flight to safety after leading thousands of Clansmen to their deaths in an ill advised and ultimately futile attempt to gain the throne.  
Had he succeeded their lives would not have improved one iota 

And the prize for the takeaway with the best view goes to......
unfortunately closed

Some of the Stones at Callanish which we contrived not to see...................
Just have to watch Outlander instead, this photo was "borrowed"  from google. 
Thank you to Adam West 

The Doune Braes Hotel. 
A warm and friendly welcome, and a big bike shed round the back. 

Saturday 21 May 2022

Hebridean Way Day 2


Causeway to North Uist via Grimsay 

Lochmaddy Hotel. 

42 miles. 

Nothing,  repeat nothing is open on North Uist on The Sabbath. 

Sheltering from the wind in the lee of The Hebridean Smoke House (closed Sundays) 

Lunch Stop

Sheltering behind the dyke, cracking view though. 

I nicked this last photo from Pierre's Strava. 
Cheers mate. 


Lochmaddy Hotel 
Highly Recommended