Wednesday 30 September 2015

Why Not?

Wednesday 2 September 2015

Three men and a dog in a boat.

More Fun and Frolics from this year's Cobnor. 

Chris Partridge brought along his recently acquired boat and keeping up a family tradition Christened her Snarleyow,  just like all his other boats. 

Alistair Law inspects the fleet from the comfort of his paradox, (I'll bet he's wearing slippers,) while chief organiser and DCA stalwart Liz Baker looks on. 

Chris was very pleased with his boat, but complained that the flappy things get in the way when he's trying to row.  Ardent readers of Chris' excellent blog will know he's a keen rower, but apparently every time he gets the oars out in his new boat someone comes speeding up to ask if he's in difficulty and does he need a tow. 
They don't get that you might want to Row for Pleasure

While we were admiring Chris's boat these three chaps turned up heading out to their cruiser. 
talk about three men and a dog in a boat, somebody needs to go on a diet and I don't think its the labrador.

Now this photo may not appear too special, but it represents a very long haul for skipper Paul. 

Eighteen months ago Paul decided to re-model Millibee, chopping three inches off the coach roof to bring her back in line with what designer Paul Fisher originally intended, and cutting out the old bilge-boards to be replaced by a centreboard, the way God intended.
 Just when he'd completed all the hacking and cutting Paul was floored by illness so it's been a monumental task to get this far.  Paul has also replaced the original Enterprise rig with a re-cycled gunter and a genoa off a Wayfarer.   Well done that man. 

And finally just a quick look at Chris Peacock's lovely Gaffer. You may remember Chris as head sourcerer in The Crucible