Monday 30 April 2018

B-spoke Bike Pedaller Rings the Changers.

Its time to pull back the doors at Port-na-Storm after a long winter and see what's been occurring. 
 Since I bought my "New" bike three or four years ago my old Diamondback has been slowly mouldering in a corner. I had robbed bits off it to the point where it couldn't be ridden any more, but as avid readers will have guessed by now I hate to throw things out.
The bike had been whispering to me for a long time, calling out to be ridden, to feel the breeze through its spokes on some high bye-way. 
We'd had some adventures that bike and I and it seemed wrong to leave it neglected, so..............

Inspired by this. 

I got started.............

 This old clunker 

 was gradually dismantled 

 stripped down 


 and re-built.
 with pretty much every component replaced in the end. 


It finally emerged fully fledged and ready for another twenty years of adventures.

I have to say I'm quite please with the result 

For the Velominati out there, there's a 22 T chain-ring on the front and a 34-11 cassette on the back, which should winch me up most hills around here and if it doesn't I'll be the one at the  back snivelling. 

Rule #5 Dudes.