Tuesday, 30 June 2020

There is no Cloud.

 Regular Readers, both of you, will have noticed the very large and annoying adverts which appeared all over the previous post.

 It wasn't me mate.

I fully understand that Google, FB,  and all the other platforms do not run on thin air and require a revenue stream to pay for the huge shed loads of servers humming away somewhere.  

There is no Cloud, the internet is a physical thing built from huge computors and thousands of miles of copper and fibre-optic cables.   

It all has to be paid for. 

Which is one of the reasons I run adverts on this Blog, I'm not obliged to, Google don't make me do it, is my choice.   

I was however a bit pissed off to see these huge banners all over the page, sometimes in the middle of sentences.  Jolly bad manners. 
Google don't seem to know how its happening, the "Help" scratched their heads and shrugged and said I should edit the HTML for the page.  

Well I'm no WEB designer, as will be patently obvious so I had a go and removed any code that looked suspicious. I also seem to have removed most of the photographs and nearly all of the page formatting but hey ho.  

With any luck I will have banished the usurpers, ne'er to be seen again, but then again I might just have broken the internet, we shall see when I hit the "publish" button. 
Meanwhile, please enjoy some photographs of our recent trip over The Deverills. 

Expanded horizons or what?   

Edit;  Well Bugger !