Thursday 2 March 2023

Don't you just love the smell of Acetone in the morning?

 A New Year, A New Build. 

Everything Starts at the beginning, although in this case the beginning was over ten years ago.

The  Katie Beardie.   story is well documented here. 

She had a varied and interesting life, she was used and abused, left out in the rain to rot, repaired then dropped from a great height, repaired again,  survived numerous Thames Raids, grew wings and even made it to East Head. 

But in the end the cheap crap plywood, the catalogue of disasters, and quite a bit of water meant it was time for her to go to the great Skip in the Tip. 

So everything worth saving was stripped off her, and away she went. 

No regrets,  no tears goodbye. 

I always said that when I'd stopped messing around with her I'd build a decent version. Well I still haven't stopped messing with her but it's time to crack on. 

  A year or so to consider what changes might be appropriate and then its time to bite the bullet and get down to Totton Timber for some of their very best Gaboon ply. 


Cut on the Waste side Laddie !