Monday 22 August 2011

Dell Quay no Dories.

The Coot with a couple of Mirror chums moored off Pilsey Island in Chichester Harbour.

I'm just back from the DCA week at Cobnor in Chichester Harbour. 

A superb week of sailing, camping, and talking about boats way into the night around the campfire.

The weather was a bit variable as usual but we got out most days

sometimes it was a bit too calm 

Sometimes it was a little too windy, 
but when the wind and the tides were in our favour there was always the possibility of a visit to the pub.

There is something very cool and just a little superior about arriving at a tourist filled pub by boat. 

But pride comes before a fall as they say, so it was inevitable that I would sail off that lee shore with my mainsheet wrapped around my tiller resulting in an argument with someone's mooring buoy before I got myself sorted.

Don't think anyone noticed.