Saturday 29 August 2015

Calluna. Caledonian Yawl

Its been a while.

The garage doors still aren't painted, but I have managed to get some sailing in.

Back in April a few of us met up at Barton Turf, including Richard Rooth with his brand new Caledonian Yawl, "Calluna".  

Isn't she lovely? 

She was so new she hadn't even got wet.  This is a very different boat from his "Inwe"  even though Iain Oughtred designed both of them, so it's taken Richard a few outings to get to know her. 

We've just been to the DCA summer camp at Cobnor which gave Richard a chance to get some more sailing in. I was lucky enough to join him.
Flukey winds and strong tides can mean difficult sailing and we learned a lot about the boat including that a Caledonian Yawl will sail on a wet lawn, and that she responds well to a bit of powering up during the tacks.  

I also got the chance to re-visit some of the places I last enjoyed in Caitlin, but the less said about that the better.   Happy Days.