Wednesday 21 October 2020

Morbic 12s at Cobnor.

There was an impromptu meeting of Francois Vivier designed  Morbic 12s down at Chichester Harbour on Monday.  

Paul Waterman and his friend Robin Popham have been building their boat during lockdown and have managed to get it afloat which is more than I have. Robin has written about the build in the latest edition of Watercraft. 

So here we have Paul Robin Sarah Mike and John. 

Paul and Robin who have built the sloop version  arranged a day-sail in company with Sarah and Mike Curtis also in their sloop and John Shelton in his balanced lugger.  

They were kind enough to invite me along but of course being a laggard with an unfinished boat in the garage I could only come as an observer.  

Tom Edom invited me to sail in his lovely little Tancook Schooner so I managed to get a few photographs of the fleet in action.   The weather was lively but the rain stayed away and we all had a great time.     

Hope you enjoy the Photographs.  

And just to complete the picture here is Tom in his Schooner, taken earlier this summer.