Friday 10 August 2018

The Inbetweener.

Its been a few months since the Coot disappeared down the road to Dittisham,
 transom bouncing with anticipation at the prospect of a cushy life on The Dart.

Back here at Port-Na-Storm HQ life has continued at a fair lick.
 A change of lifestyle for the family has meant Pappa doing rather more home decorating than is healthy for anyone my age.  

A cycling holiday in Slovenia with the Tooth fairy, 

and a three day event with the Muddy Boys through Middle Earth where we re-enacted scenes from the old Hovis advert, 

 have also managed to keep me out of the Development Lab so work on Katies Ama's has slowed to a crawl, although it hasn't completely stopped.
 This of course meant running the risk of not having a boat for this year's Cobnor camp. So I've been keeping an eye on the local boat market and just at the right time along came the little Heron you see at the top of this post. She even came with a Chichester Harbour license plate so it seemed rude not to buy her.  Previous owner and DCA member Ian says he's going to buy "something with a trapeze", we wish him well. 

The Heron will give me something to sail while I'm building the next "proper" boat, whatever that
might be. Don't hold your breath.