Tuesday 23 May 2017

Katie, Sails At Last.

I've finally got round to sailing Katie.
A weekend meeting at Barton Turf was the impetus to get cracking and build the rig.
Encouraged by Rob Blackburn's success with the roller reefing system borrowed from Matt Leyden's Paradox, I cobbled together one of my own from bits I had accumulated
in the garage and some fancy new PolyTarp, which I think looks rather fetching.

Photo John Lockwood

Photo John Lockwood

Monday 15 May 2017

Now there's Tyddewi.

We recently had a long weekend away in Pembrokeshire to celebrate the Tooth Fairy's birthday.

St David's Cathedral, founded by Wales' patron saint nestling in the valley.

We did some walking around the coastal path, the wildflowers were out in force and the weather was fantastic.

The old and new St David's lifeboat stations at St Justinians.

Me posing with Ramsey Island and The Bishop's beyond.

The tiny harbour at Porth Clais

The ancient quay at Solva / Solvach.