Thursday 26 April 2012

Its a Boat!

Congratulations to Alec Jordan and the team at Tawas on turning over the hull of the Heritage 23. 

Isn't she gorgeous!

More Photos on the build blog here.

Monday 16 April 2012

A Can of Midnight Oil and some Elbow Grease

HBBR stalwarts Tim O'Conner and Tony Waller have been busy organising this year's Thames Raid. 

Tim posted a message on the HBBR Forum yesterday with the details so far. 
I quote,

"May is approaching making it just over a month to the raid"


A quick check of the calendar confirmed that there are seven full weeks to go.

A quickcheck in the garage confirmed that there is still an awful lot of work to do if Katie is going to be ready.

Last week saw the rubbing strips go on, and since then its been an endless cycle of sanding, filling, painting, trying to get a reasonable surface for the top coat.
Domestic duties and family responsibilities keep dragging me away so time is of the essence. Think I'll nip down to B&Q for some Midnight Oil.