Wednesday 3 March 2010

Fair Trade is no Robbery.

I finally gave in and bought some more cramps.
I figured that I was going to need them for the Gunwales so I might as well get them now. So I went off to that well known tool shop (G**gle) to search out the cheapest I could find. And once again Larry and his chums came up trumphs.

The nice people down at Abbey Tools would sell me some 250mm F type cramps for a mere £1.89 which for our foreign readers translates to
Cheap as Chips!

I did notice that the smaller sizes were a tad more expensive and assumed maybe there had been a mistake, but in an electronic sort of a way I took my purchases to the checkout where I offered my plastic which was duly accepted.  Of course had there been a real person involved on their side they might have noticed the mistake but no.

I now own more cramps than I ever hope to use as do several other HBBR members, word gets round quick you know.  But look,  someone has spotted that boxes of these things were flying off the shelves, the price has now been altered to £6.39 but don't bother ordering any they seem to be out of stock. Wonder why?

I've been working away on the C/B case fitting the trim etc on the bench before glueing it in place.
I'm really pleased with the Sweet Chestnut I'm using,  its nice to work with and I think it'll look good when its finished.