Thursday 30 June 2016

MAD Dogs and Big Red Cats.

Congratulations to MAD Dog Racing this years's winners of the Race 2 Alaska. 
They did it in 3 days 20 hours and 13 minutes. 

Here's How. 

Its pretty obvious that given the right conditions the big boats are going to trounce everything else.
 Skiff Foundation/Jungle Kitty are running second and look set to win the Steak Knives in a huge carbon mono. 

But for me its the little guys, mainly single handed who are the real heroes.
Sadly the guy on the SUP Karl Kruger has had to retire. 
Something about having to do most of the paddling on one side. 

Also Mark Dussell  aka Team Gold Rush who was still building his 18'
 Custom Tri hours before the start and finally had to retire due to "Hull Issues". 

Still, Colin of Angus Rowboats is still going strong.
Having survived the infamous Semour Narrows he has ducked
 behind one of the Islands for a well earned rest. 

Here, courtesy of R2AK is some more  footage of the big guys. 
Stunning Stuff. 

Wednesday 29 June 2016

I only search for live people I don't search for bodies.

Sunday 26 June 2016


Bugger Brexit, and Sod Wimbledon,

  lets all settle back to watch the brave boys and girls taking part in the amazing
Race 2 Alaska. 

750 miles, No Engines, No Support, No Kidding.

Boats range from Mono Hulls to Cats and Tri's.
 There's even a guy doing it on a Stand up Paddle Board!

Here's a flavour. 

The First Stage from Port Townsend to Victoria is the qualifier for the main attraction,
Victoria to Ketchikan. 

Full Details are here. 

Watch the whole thing live on the tracker here. 

Its compulsive. I'm particularly watching Angus Rowboats.   

Wednesday 22 June 2016

More From Beale

A few random Photographs from Beale Park, including Mike Smylie aka "Kipper Man".

This Little Tug is powered by electricity, Note the false stack. That's not the only thing false about her. She had a recording of a steam engine which was played loudly through speakers as she cruised around the lake. Very funny, ..................................................the first  time. 

Ryan Kearley friend of the blog was there with his very nice little skiff. 

Fabian Bush also had this little 12 footer for sale at a give-away price, and still no takers.

Nick Smith brought this excellent launch along.

Thursday 16 June 2016

Polythene Pam Gets A Makeover.

Great Tidings from the west.
Pete Martin who  is now the proud owner of Polythene Pam my old canoe, has been out on the Gloucester - Sharpness Canal. Pam has a bright new coat of paint, including a rather smart boot top and some lustrous varnish and is looking great. Its just as well Pete didn't try to match the old paint as it was a concoction of tints knocked up from the dregs of tins I had lying around at the time. Probably why he changed it. I'm guessing Pete got a new drone for his birthday. Some excellent film work which puts mine to shame. 

Friday 10 June 2016

Artemis Sailing Canoe.

Axel Shmid brought his rather lovely Artemis sailing canoe along to Beale Park. 
I have to say she sailed very well. 
A simple and elegant design which probably means an awful lot of thought has gone into it. 

More Info here 

Sunday 5 June 2016

Beale Park Boat Show, '16

A Great Couple of Days at Beale Park.

Fabian Bush was looking for a new owner for this rather lovely double ender. 

She'd look very nice moored to the pontoon at the bottom of the garden.

Dream On.