Friday 15 April 2022

Paul and Graham's Excellent Adventure.


A bike ride through the South Downs.

40 Miles and 3000 ft of ascent. 

Not bad for a combined age of 136. 

Lost again. This bloke has a masters in geodesy 

Ah Signage 

The Pretty Village of Hambledon 

Mmmmm Cake 

The Forge Tearoom, recommended 

Glidden Farm home of the Grandchildren but they're not in today. 

You'll need your long handled slasher before you can use that Trig Paul. 

Big Skies near The Bat & Ball PH 

The road goes ever on. 


I Love a Gate. 

Very Evocative. 

Spring Sunshine and Blossoms at the Hillier Arboretum


Saturday 9 April 2022

DCA Snow Hill Creek Rally April '22

 The Gov'nor Sails Sistership. 

Wearing a natty little number in surgical footwear Cee Dubbs takes the helm of Sistership as we cruise towards East Head during my first outing of the season.