Monday, 16 April 2012

A Can of Midnight Oil and some Elbow Grease

HBBR stalwarts Tim O'Conner and Tony Waller have been busy organising this year's Thames Raid. 

Tim posted a message on the HBBR Forum yesterday with the details so far. 
I quote,

"May is approaching making it just over a month to the raid"


A quick check of the calendar confirmed that there are seven full weeks to go.

A quickcheck in the garage confirmed that there is still an awful lot of work to do if Katie is going to be ready.

Last week saw the rubbing strips go on, and since then its been an endless cycle of sanding, filling, painting, trying to get a reasonable surface for the top coat.
Domestic duties and family responsibilities keep dragging me away so time is of the essence. Think I'll nip down to B&Q for some Midnight Oil. 


robert.ditterich said...

Looks like a very commodious cockpit with room for refreshments in the side lockers. I'm really looking forward to you getting this one wet- it looks the goods.

doryman said...

You know the boat could do the raid just as it is, so you're ahead of the game already.

Graham Neil said...

Some days I just love the internet.

You upload a post and straight away you get one response from Australia and another from the Pacific North West.
Robert. That cockpit won't look half so spacious once I'm inside giving it some scale. The lockers will indeed be full of refreshment and given the typical English Summer its likely to be nice warming tea.

Doryman, If I'm ahead of the game it'll be the first time in my life. I do hear today that others are yet to start applying paint so I don't feel half to bad.

As my dearly beloved did remark the other day; "you do have two other boats to fall back on".
I don't think she quite understands.