Monday 11 July 2016

You have to build your own little victory, every hour, every day.

So, the ladies of Sistership have crooned and rowed their way into Ketchiken and Colin Angus having rowed all night and dodged an over excited Orca, also slipped into "Done" to the usual understated R2AK fanfare.   
Some applause, a few cheers from a dozen or so people and a bell to ring doesn't seem enough to recognise such a brilliant achievement, but then there are all the people round the world who have been watching and cheering them on through the lens of Soshul Meedya. 
Well done all. 

Farther back down the line there are still quite a few boats making their way North. 
Here is Mathieu of Lite Boat, he should be done in a couple of days, unless he decides to pull an all-nighter as well. 

Even farther back down the Single-hander Fleet, for now anyway, is Team Sea Runner. There's a bit of the Tortoise and hare going on here because on paper at least, and given the right conditions, his Seascape 18 should go like stink. 
Of course he hasn't had the right conditions, winds being very light at times, and that boat looks like it will row like a dog. 

Horses for Courses. 

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Chris Waite said...

Seeing the helmsman sitting-out that monohull flying low under a billowing red gennacker makes me feel less bad about the antics I go to, to keep my monstrous miniscule 'raiding' dinghy upright

In my case - without quite the same turn of speed

Chris Waite