Wednesday 6 July 2016

It ain't over till the ladies stop singing.

While the fast fleet have long since finished celebrating and the Steak Knives are well and truly won, the slower fleet are still grinding their way to Ketchikan. 
There does seem to be a bit of a holiday spirit though and some at least look like they are enjoying the trip.
  The R2AK team caught up with Colin Angus of Angus Rowboats the other evening and he seems quite laid back about the whole thing. 

These are the guys I really admire.   

Start your own company, design your own boat, build it, sail/row it, 


Colin is now well over half way and wending his way through the narrow fjords of British Columbia, he is about two days ahead of Mathieu  Bonnier in his quite similar Liteboat.

Mathieu also runs his own company building lightweight rowing boats. 
The film crew haven't found him yet so there's been no coverage of his exploits. 

And for a little light relief here are the ladies of Team Sistership singing and rowing 
their way to Alaska.

Follow them all on the tracker.

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