Saturday 20 July 2013

Fairey Princess or Ugly Duckling.

We've just had a few days on The Gower Peninsula in Wales, and on a day trip to The Mumbles I came across this little lovely.
 Now beauty they say is in the eye of the beholder and I have to admit she's not pretty but she is interesting. 

The boat has seen better days but appears to be fairly (Fairley) intact and could be renovated by a persistent and  loving owner.
So what is she? She has the distinctive rounded shoulders and slight reverse sheer of a Fairey. The hull at least seems to be hot moulded which would also fit, but I think the cabin top is GRP.  

 Too small to be an Atalanta she is the right size for a Fulmar 20, but she seems to have a different coach roof and an internally hung rudder instead of one mounted on the transom. 

Answers via the comments box please. 

She's at that stage where her future is in the balance, restore to former glory?  or cut your losses and cut her up?  I hope she is saved, just because I like quirky, and she's nicer than many of the old fibreglass tubs still floating around.  


Anonymous said...

Not Fairey,not ugly.

She is an Audacity class designed by Laurent Giles for JOG. Built from 1959 until the mid sixties. There are elements from Sopranino in the layout.

She has a deep drop keel and rudder. The side fins on this boat are non standard but practical.

Supposed to be a good performer. I think it very handsome but the side windows are a little large.

Graham Neil said...

There you go! Somebody out there recognised her. I think she's rather nice, and hope the owner get her back on the water soon. said...


I confirm, she is an Audacity 21.
The side "keels" are not on the original design.
I bought one of those in Plymouth last year and we sailed her back to Britanny, France, my brother and I.
She isn't the pretiest boat, but I must say she has her look and her sailing performances are surprising. We did the Plymouth Aber Benoit passage in a sloppy sea and it was quite windy. cast off at 6 am, we were on the other side in the middle of the night and had to slow her down to be able to land in Saint Pabu in daylight.
The interior is well design for a 21 feet boat and you can go almost everywhere we the board up.
She is mentionned in the Lee/Philpott book on Laurent Giles.
Built by Walter Lawrence , an aerocraft factory.
I don't think there is a lot of them sailing out there, and never saw any on the water.
I hope this one will get back on the water one day. She is really a fun and interesting sailboat!

If anyone wants more info, don't hesitate.
Take it easy,


Rebuild BSA C15 said...

Definite Audacity, I have been looking at one in the back yard for 12 years.
Is this one in a boatyard in Mumbles that could be contacted??

@Jim Bresson, has yours the original pine mast like this one. I have no spreaders and would love to get a few dimensions.

Jim said...

Hello BSA
No, I have an aluminium mast but...
I must have the sail plans quicking around with the spars offsets. Just email me at