Saturday 6 July 2013

Inwe II part two, and Wye Knot

You will remember the dreadful tale of Inwe  and how she was rudely shunted from behind by a Turk driving a German Truck in Belgium en route to The Netherlands. Or some permutation of some or all of these countries.

You'll also remember how Richard Rooth was colluding with Iain Oughtred to rebuild her, or at least a close facsimile.   

And here she is, a slightly stretched version of Iain's  Faering proudly presented at Beale Park. Various bits have been salvaged from the original Inwe and incorporated into the new boat. 

Richard tells me he has another project well under way, and I'll be very interested to see it completed, he likes to keep things close to his chest so for now I'm hoddi'n ma wheesht. 

Also keeping the HBBR end up at Beale was Steve Brown who brought along this very nice little Sassafras 12 Canoe called Wye Knot, and indeed why not.  

Details below. 

Steve took home the prize for the boat most likely to encourage others to build.
 Well done to all. 

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