Thursday 19 May 2011

Wooton Creek

I had a day sail with the Civil Service Sailing Association today in their Dufour 405.  

There wasn't much wind in the morning so we motor sailed over to Wooton Creek on The Isle of Wight for an early lunch.
I haven't been to Wooton before, its very pretty and I think it would be worth exploring further up the creek in something smaller.  

The wind got up a bit in the afternoon and we had fun dodging the traffic in what is one of the busiest sea ways in the world. 

There's always a risk of becoming the filling in a Red Funnel Sandwich 
They come at you from every direction. 

And here is yours truly, as happy as can be, but I can't get used to not having the tiller in one hand and the main sheet in the other. 

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