Sunday 1 May 2011

Who ate all the biscuits?

The ancient and venerable
 St Deny's Sailing and Rowing Club
 had an Open Day on Saturday. 

Not a lot of people turned up,
 there were more committee members than punters,
 but that's par for the course.

 One crowd of folk who did come were Chris Partridge and his friends from Langstone Cutters Rowing Club.

 More to the point they arrived in their classic Solent Galley "Bembridge".

 Its massive and puts our old boats in the shade.

Here's Chris trying out Merlin, our oldest boat.

  It was great to see such a friendly bunch of real enthusiastic rowers.  

Even if they did drink our tea, eat our biscuits and nearly sink one of our boats. 

And as usual the best bit about friends coming to visit, is waving them off again.

Cheerio then!     

1 comment:

Chris Partridge said...

It was a great day out, and thanks for the biscuits!
Why don't you guys come to Langstone one Sunday and have a row on Chichester Harbour?