Monday 23 November 2009

Thames Raid Day 2

........The bird scarers started about 4.00am, Just loud enough to wake you and far enough apart so you could just drop off before the next one. Then, the banging and clattering started, what on earth? Sounded as if someone was re-building his boat, I poped my head out the tent flap, Richard was making tea but it wasn't him. Dave was talking softly to Mary-Dog, it wasn't him, Chris IV's head was still sticking out of his Camper- Boat, it wasn't him either.
Chris P (S) had an equipment malfunction. His Lilo had punctured, and with an air of deflated resignation he decided to pack his tent and every time he moved his boat bounced off Millibee wakening Paul.

Good Morning Campers welcome to paradise.

So another early morning start, we were all up and raring to go by the time the Lock Keeper came on duty. But at least we'd done five miles more than the group behind.

These photo's are in no particular order and may not even be of day 2 but you get the idea.

Paddling Polythene Pam was serious hard work, especially against that persisent wind. She's a bit of a stranger to Weight-Watchers, and so am I for that matter so with the added weight of the camping gear it took quite a lot to shift her. The rowers could mostly all keep up a higher speed than me and it became quite normal for us all to spread out during the day. I would try to get away reasonably sharp and gradually as the morning wore on I would hear first one then another rower come up behind and gradually overtake me.

You have to get into your own rhythm, its your journey, and I gradually relaxed and enjoyed the trip.

Somebody remarked that we were a group of individuals who all happened to be travelling the same route at the same time.

The second day was thankfully much shorter than the first, at least for those who had done the long haul on Monday. So we started to arrive at Eynsham Lock around 3.00pm. The rear-guard arrived over the next couple of hours. The camp site is on the Lock Island and is very pretty.

We soon had it looking like a refugee camp.

After a bit of shopping Richard and I had TWO Ice Poles each, life is good.
Dave walked miles to get some petrol,
Chris P(S) got a new Lilo

A meal at the pub and a couple of pints.

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