Saturday 21 November 2009

Lechlade to Beale Park - In the Beginning

And it came to pass that Chris P (S) decided he wanted to visit his rellies in Wallingford. And it was decreed that he would row, for the roads were clogged with boat-people heading for Beale Park for the annual tyre kicking ceremony known as the WaterCraft Amatur Boat Building Competition, which no one would enter 'cos Chris P (N) kept lifting all the prizes. And 'cos they like a challenge his mates in the HBBR decided they'd come along for the trip.
Now some of them had boats, and some had boats which were not suitable for this trip, but they took them anyway, and one decided he would build a suitable boat, and 'cos he is a stubborn old goat he decided to design it him-self , and because that was still too easy it had to be made from two sheets of ply and all the parts were to be identical, and 'cos that took longer than anticipated he turned up with a boat which hadn't been launched yet, (now that's either confidence or stupidity).
And lo' he did launch his boat and it was good. In fact so bloody good no one could catch him all week.

And he was pleased, and tired from his exertions he did break his boat usunder and catch some big ZZZ'ds for tomorrow we were for the off.

And Chris P (S) did head for his scratcher too while Paul H wasn't quite sure yet how many outboards he would need for the trip, or where to plug in the charger.

Deciding to use them all Paul H headed for the under-growth while Richard looked on dismayed

Else-where even though it was still broad daylight people were getting ready for a good night's rest. Here we see TOC's mess tent next to Polythene Pam with Tony W tucked in behind. Tony was to spend most of the night and the next few days on the phone discussing plumbing.

Wayne and Everhopeful are bringing up the rear. And that's pretty much how it would continue. Oh the pent up excitement on the eve of the journey, Better have a few pints.

To be continued........................................

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Strathkanchris said...

'bout time too - hope we don't have to wait as long for the next instalment! Good to see yo back in blogdom.

Oh and by the way, not ALL the prizes - I never took 3rd! You may have noticed that with the mass HBBR entry this year I chickened out ;-)).