Thursday 4 October 2018

Francois Vivier Morbic 12

As October begins a man's attention naturally turns to his shed.

 Not for him the hyped up clap-alongy-tempo of "Strictly" or the tasteless innuendo of "The Bake Off" (Oh nice buns missus). Its time to get cracking with the next build. 

And so it was that Alec Jordan of arrived on Monday with a newly cut kit for the Morbic 12 designed by Francois Vivier. 

Just like the balsa wood glider kits of my childhood all the plywood parts are laid out on the 8x4 sheets ready to be cut out. 

I have admired the Morbic 12 for quite a long time and seen a few built examples.

At 12ft long with a balanced lug sail on an un-stayed mast this little clinker boat is the epitome of traditional style, but is in fact very modern, designed on CAD, cut on a CNC router and meeting the requirements of the dreaded EU Recreational Craft Directive.
And Why Not? 

This example, built by Adrian Donovan is featured on

I'll do my best to meet his high standards.
Watch this space. 


Chris Waite said...

I think you're going to like this one Grum


Rob Blackburn said...

Makes one misty eyed... I am going to enjoy this project. I put my boat building jig to the chainsaw and pizza oven as a cleansing ritual at the end of sailing canoe.. Get cracking mate.

Bursledon Blogger said...

12 foot is the perfect dinghy size I was out and about in the Cormorant yesterday thinking exactly that. the morbic looks to be one of the nicest 12 footers should be a great project

doryman said...

Should work a charm, Francois knows his business. Good choice.