Saturday 24 September 2016

Its all down hill from here.

This is a "What we did on our holidays" post although there is a boat in it somewhere.

We went cycling in Northern Italy with a company called Bspoke. They provide the bikes, book your accommodation, shift your luggage, mend your bike and generally make sure you have a good time. We did almost 200 miles in eight days of cycling. We started at the Austrian Border and travelled south through stunning scenery towards Lake Garda then onwards to Verona. The Tooth Fairy said it was the best holiday ever! And she's been to Saltcoats !  And here are the inevitable holiday snaps.


Chris Waite said...

Strikes me as a bit lumpy for bicycles

But for us sailors - Wot, no katabatics?


Bursledon Blogger said...

Looks spectacular - I keep saying the only place for a sailor away from the sea is in the mountains.

Graham Neil said...

Katabatic? Not sure about that though I might have been catatonic at one stage!

Chris Waite said...

I have been bitten several times

By Italian katabatics and I've become quite shy in that respect, as a result. We all know, don't we, that a katbatic wind is when cold air decides to stop clinging to the top of a mountain, lets go and falls off, hooshing horribly down and out across any low lying surroundings, often watery ones. They can roll on for nautical miles out to sea and in a lake arrive pretty vertically downwards, knocking the vessels of mere mortals over with gusto.

....well it would be, wouldn't it?

It tends to be worst at night, just when you thought it was safe to anchor and go to sleep, or creep along inshore as it was bad enough all day. Glory be, a feast of fulsome squalls.

The instep of Italy's boot is actually known as 'Il Golfo di Squillace' (Pronounced 'Skwillarchy') - The Gulf of Squalls

Presumably for this reason

Well blow me down


Chris Waite said...


I've just looked it up instead and who ever told me 'squillace' is Italian for 'squall' was lying. It's a town in that area.

Makes a good story though doesn't it?

And the boat still ends up

On its beam ends