Friday 12 June 2015

Bufflehead @ Beale

And about time too you might say, I've been so busy multi tasking I haven't had time to post.
There's been a trip to the Norfolk Broads with Katie, a trip to Scotland to see family, then a re run of our Lechlade to Beale Park Raid.
Amongst the many interesting things at Beale this year was this Bufflehead Sailing Canoe built by Jamie Clay.

She's quite high tec, there's lots of Kevlar and Carbon in her and although that batwing/sprit rig harks back to the golden age of Canoe Sailing it is thoroughly modern in the way it's put together.  Here are a few more photos.


Chris Waite said...

What is the transparent tube under the side deck; buoyancy?

Chris W

Graham Neil said...

Yes there were bigger bags fore and aft, then these tubes either side of he cockpit.
I have to say they looked really neat and sort of blend into the background.

Alden Smith said...

Almost a canoe yawl! George Holmes I am sure would have approved! - I too like the transparent buoyancy idea - clever and not too imposing visually.