Saturday 21 February 2015

Half a minute.

The internet can be both terrible and superb. For me its generally a force for good and if nothing else it gives me a platform from which to shout at the world. If the world chooses not to listen then hey. 
Its also a terrible waste of time. How many hours have any of us spent clicking away down some long winding path like a dog chasing a rabbit, until finally we discover we have no idea where we are or how we got there.

If you click on any of the blogs down the right hand side of this page, and then click on any of their favourites and so on you'll find a lot of interesting stuff. 

I did that just the other day and found gold. Then I couldn't remember where I'd found it and its taken me a while to re-trace my clicks and track it down. But here we are;

Its a bit of a post of a post of a post this one but bear with.....
The original post is here earwigoagin.

From Chesapeake Light Craft;

Some customers are so unskilled that it would be better not to sell them a plan or a kit. "So many people these days can't read plans at all. When a part is symmetrical around an axis and the plans only show half a part, some people build half the part. That's happened twice in the last month. One guy made half of the deck and the bottom. We were very nice. I guess if you can't laugh, you have to cry...You can't make assumptions about anybody."[Professional Boatbuilder, Number 152, pg. 26]


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