Monday 5 January 2015

Slack Alice

Slack Alice.
A Happy New Year to all our readers. 

Here's something that's been hanging around the drawing board for rather too long. 
I can't quite remember when it started, it must have been at least a year ago, when Alice first came into view.  
As usual, life with all its false starts and dead-ends has conspired to make sure she hasn't been built, and I must confess there are some doubts about her character which make me wonder whether I should risk the ply and epoxy. 
She'll be slippery, and a bit tipsy too, but maybe she'll give a little thrill now and again. 

The New Year has begun, the days are beginning to get a bit longer,
there's some MDF in the garage for moulds,

"These night's are getting warmer and it won't be long 
  Won't be long till the summer comes" 


Bursledon Blogger said...

go for it

doryman said...

Max has it right. A bit more fullness in the bow would make a more pleasurable ride and fewer dunkings. But you knew that.