Sunday 29 September 2013

What will Katie wear to the ball?

Katie Beardie is still getting more admirers than any of the other boats on this site, and for very good cause, she is an attractive girl. Her various pages have been getting consistently more hits than any others for the past few months. As well as her own Katie Beardie page and the  Katie gets full colour spread page, interest has now moved on to Katie's New Twin-Set so I do wonder whether anyone is having a go at building her. It would be great if they were. 

I've been giving more thought to potential sail plans, the last version  with its big main sail and long yard swinging aloft looked like it might be a bit cumbersome and I've been wondering about something a little different so here are the latest ideas from the Port-na-Storm Etch-a-Sketch.
  Influenced by the fully battened rigs used by the ancients and their modern equivalents, the CoE is still in roughly the same place, the sail area is a bit smaller but probably a little bit more efficient, and I'd hope to build in an easy reefing system utilising the full length battens. The version above still leaves a lot of pole up when reefed so of course the natural thing to do is to make it a Sliding Gunter. 

The idea would be to have the bottom two panels reefed bringing the mainsail down to the same size as the Mizzen. 
Just food for thought...........................................we'll see how many clicks this page gets. 


Chris Waite said...

Your clever, casual use of the mizzen has always impressed me. If it is fully battened, isn't it going to complicate your rapid furling process?

I can tell by the gleam in your eye, you've thought of an answer, haven't you?

A. Designer

Graham Neil said...


How do you make a Roman Blind?

Poke his eyes out.

B. Designer