Sunday 18 August 2013

Pete's Paradox Placates Polythene Pam's Parting.

And his wife did say unto him, husband why must you have so many boats? 
And he replied unto her, wife I do not understand the question. 
And she said unto him, I do not care whether you understand, you are not getting any more boats!
And he did understand. 

So, with thoughts of future projects, it came to pass that his first born, Polythene Pam,  must leave the shed and go forth to the shed of another master called Peter. 
But she was not afraid because Peter had built a fine boat which he called Johanna and which was well smart so she would feel at home. 

And they sort of look similar too! 
I expect to see a roller-blind rig on Pam soon. 


doryman said...

Oh, woeful day, when thou must succumb to the whims of the uninitiated!

Graham Neil said...

Oh happy he who makes room for the next project.

parasenior said...

Oh dear,does "her indoors" not realise that boat ownership is like an addiction.Her education really needs updating.Does she not have any hobbies?

Tillerman said...

"Too many boats" is like "too many beers."

They are both oxymorons.

Bursledon Blogger said...

There's a bloke around these parts with 16 boats at the last count - I always use that as a reference in such conversations as a sensible aspiration