Sunday 14 April 2013

Hope Springs Eternal.

Today was commissioning day down at the Ancient & Vulnerable St Deny's Sailing & Rowing Club,  This traditionally marks the start of spring when all the boats are made ready for the new boating season. Nowadays its more of an excuse for a spring clean. 

There was a good turn out of the usual suspects lending a hand.  Mavis was getting her nooks and crannies cleaned out before yet another coat of varnish. All the detritus was swept out of the Boat House, including the flotsam from a couple of very high spring tides which can reach the back of the shed. 

The Slipway was pressure-washed of all its slippery muck, we even cleaned the loo. The sun came out and for the first time this year I felt its warmth on my back. 
Thoughts and conversations naturally turned towards this seasons boating, in the anticipation of fine weather.

Hope Springs Eternal indeed. 


Chris Waite said...

I didn't say this and it probably isn't even true

But 'Hope Springs' is due to be the name of Wayne Oliver's successor to 'Ever Hopeful'- a Premise 16.

Well, I keep twisting at his arm, even if it hasn't worked yet


Graham Neil said...

A fitting name for Ever Hopeful's successor.
A 16ft Premise will be a substantial craft, he doesn't do things by half our Wayne.

Chris Partridge said...

Time for another visit by Bembridge, I think. Possibly accompanied by the two other Solent galleys we seem to have acquired since last time.

Graham Neil said...

The Solent Galleys are always welcome at St Deny's.