Sunday 17 June 2012

The Longest Reach

A short pictorial record of the 2012 Thames Raid .

Here we see Tim O'Conner having a wee tipple to celebrate the launching of Zelva his self designed Super Camping Canoe  apparently launched for the first time, which shows supreme confidence or stupidity, you choose!

And here he is carrying out the stability tests with a big grin on his face. Zelva is normally (?) powered by a Hobie Mirage Drive and went on to win most innovative boat at Beale Park.  

It was a day for First Launches. Spirits only being slightly dampened by the torrential rain.
 Here is Cee Dubbs launching Polly Wee.
He coaxed her off the trailer with encouraging words of endearment. 

Then had a celebratory tot just to wet her head for the paparazzi. Behind him you can see the enthusiastic crowd of HBBR stalwarts hiding from the rain in the salubrious facilities, which were later to become our alfresco dining area.   

John "Ratcatcher" Lockwood who lives closest was last to arrive. According to John he was making last minute adjustments to TBA who certainly looked a lot different from the last time we saw her. 

Day One dawned fairly dry and we were off.  This is the first lock below Lechlade.
Once we spread out it became a bit less chaotic. 

Ah Peace at last.

Well until the next lock.
Notice the sign on the gate. 

If it had rained much more they could have closed the river. 

Cee Dubbs cruising below one of the Thames Path foot bridges. 

This is me trying to pull in for refreshment at The Swan at Racott on the first day 

Approaching Newbridge at The Rose Revived Pub on the second day.
 Too early for a pint though. 

Camping in the rain at Swinford Lock near Eyensham 

Katie Beardie at Rest

A small encampment of Water Gypsies gathered down stream 

What do you call two paradox's and a Millibee? 

Ratcatcher arriving at Swinford

The much modified and extended TBA . Notice the historic Captain's Chair. 
He's talking about adding a flybridge next.
 I hope he does. 

Phil and Gem the wonderdog. 

Wild weather, adverse gales, and heavy rain put paid to photography after that. 
 As did the dose of Thames Tummy I had on Friday.

We rose early Friday morning and battled against the winds to meet our date with the world's press, only to discover the Friday Show had been cancelled due to treacherous conditions underfoot.

  But here we are at Beale, on Saturday with the sun actually shining.  

What Larks!


doryman said...

Would those be carbon fiber masts, then?

Graham Neil said...

Eh No.
The budget for Katie didn't stretch to Carbon Fibre. So what's black, comes in tubes and looks like carbon Fibre from a distance if you screw your eyes up? I will come clean but you might need to read Watercraft to find out.

doryman said...

Just jokin'
Watercraft turned out to be too expensive for a poor boatbuilder on the other side of the world, had to give it up. So, I'll wait for the breakdown. Can't think of anything black that comes in tubes, but you know we live in vastly different cultures. Over here they probably leave out the tube.

Anonymous said...

I am in florida and am building a 20 ft 2 man high sided rowing boat, but want to put on masts and sails, and I too would like to know about the masts. I can't seem to get that magazine here. I went to our local barnes and noble (big bookstore) and they don't carry it. Please, do tell !

Tom the rower