Wednesday 4 January 2012

Going anywhere nice this year?

Now that the consumer-fest disguised as pagan/quasi-religious festival is well and truly over and  Santa's baubles have been wrapped up in tissue and stashed away in the attic for another year, there isn't much left to brighten these dark and dreary January days.

Traditionally, when people still had money or at least credit cards, this was the season to book your holidays. A couple of weeks in Costa del Sangria in July to look forward to. Just the thing to dispel the January blues.

The forums have been quiet for a few weeks, but now there are stirrings. People are getting restless, making plans, there is loose talk of weekends on the water, and even longer trips down stream. 

Over in West Sussex in the shadow of mighty Arundel Castle, Cee Dubbs is beavering away on his latest creation, a 12' version of his Premis. 

In Oxfordshire not a cock-horse ride from Banbury Cross, Timmo is converting his ideas into something more solid. 

I hear word that over in The Cotswolds timber is being sawn and plans bought for a strip plank canoe.

And down a Devonshire lane one of Francois Vivier's prettiest designs is well under way.  

There has even been some activity on Katie Beardie at Port-Na-Storm today.  

At least five new boats, and there may be more, together with a few regulars, and at least one first timer from overseas, all intending to take part in the 2012 Thames Raid. 

This year we are re-visiting the upper reaches from Lechlade to Pangbourne, to arrive in time for, and possibly even take part in,  the Beale Park Boat Show. 

There's nothing like the anticipation of a trip in good company, to brighten up a drab winters' day.   

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Chris Waite said...

Great Grum, what's the latest at Port na Storm?

Entertain us with winter evening tales of Katie Beardie and the creation of the coaming....

I believe it may be the second coaming?