Wednesday 2 February 2011

January February.

January was pretty much taken up with building a new pen for my daughters geese, and nursing a frozen shoulder so there hasn't been any boat building done. The last ten days have been spent visiting my Folks in Scotland, and its now February! 

While I've been away the folks on the new  UK-HBBR Forum have been very busy organising part two of the Thames Raid.  On Part One, two years go we paddled and rowed from Lechlade down to Beale Park, This time we will leave Beale Park Boat Show heading down river, finishing four or five days later somewhere near Hampton Court.

So far we have seventeen people taking part in fourteen boats which is a good turn out and probably as many as can be managed in one group. 

Those expecting an organised event will be disappointed, there is no support, no "Leader", everyone looks after themselves and generally travel in small groups or alone during the day meeting up at night. Excellent.  You can read about part one here. Thames Raid

So, as I'm planning to take part in Katie Beardie and she looked like this the last time I did any work, I'd better get a move on and get her built. 

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