Sunday 7 November 2010

Cee Dubbs Rhythm Stick

My very good friend Cee Dubbs has been inventing things and designing boats since he was in short trousers.

When we took part in the Thames Raid last year he complained that he never got to see the Kingfishers and other wildlife, because being a rower he was looking backwards, and it had been scared off by the time he could see where it used to be, if you catch my drift.

So he decided it was time to develop a forward facing rowing machine.

Some of the HBBR folks met up at Swanwick Hard yesterday for a gathering, and Cee Dubbs brought along the design platform for his new invention. 

You'll see that it isn't quite finished yet , you still have to face backwards, but when  those strings get attached to those pedals......................

Best watched with the sound turned right up!

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