Thursday 17 June 2010

Andrew's Boat

I'm posting some photos of Andrew Wolstenholme's own boat which I took last year at Beale Park.

They have been very helpful to me, even if i've decided to go my own way at times. They are especially useful when it comes to rigging

I found it very difficult to track down a similar stem head fitting, my friend Chris Waite found one in his box of bits.

Andrew's Mast step seems to have a detachable section which is obviously a good idea, mine will be one piece, screwed in place.

I think his transom knee is a bit more angular than drawn on the plans, makes it easier to fit the Stern Sheets well aft.
Those gunwales are fantastic.

I've made my thwart knees open, Its easier that way and maybe gives a lighter feel.

Andrew's Centre-Board case is made from solid mahogany as per the drawings, needless to say i've gone for ply.

That Partner Thwart!
Check out how the breasthook has been done and the knees below, very neat but beyond my patience and ability I think.

Detail of the mast set-up

Below, a general view of the boat, notice the seat riser, its not on the drawings, and I didn't include it but in retrospect i think it would have made it much easier to level up the thwarts. Forward thwart is approx 1" higher due to the rise of sheer.  

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