Tuesday, 15 March 2011

What Katie Did Next

I wrote back to Cee Dubbs. 

Dear Cee Dubs.

My first reaction;  Bugger!

On reflection, I’m pleased you have spotted the problem so quickly.

Firstly because I could have spent hours trying to make a pigs ear out of a pigs ear which would not have helped my Blood Pressure, and secondly because I really couldn’t see how the thing was ever going to stay upright. Of course I never doubted you for a minute..........................................................

We had a saying at work when people asked for help with software.  R.T.F.M.  Read the F*****g Manual! And of course looking back at your plans that’s exactly what I didn’t do. So I know who to blame, we’ll just put it down to experience.

The ply came from the packing case which the Coot Kit arrived in so I haven’t lost anything but my time and people will tell you I have plenty of that .

Wicks had some nice looking Birch ply the last time I looked so maybe I’ll see if I can be ecologically sound and try some of that.

It hasn’t been a good week.

Princess Chloe and Mad Jack Gover got engaged last week and at the moment her favourite date for the nuptials is June 11th.  That's Beale Park Boat Show, and the start of the next Thames Raid. I had previously arranged that Coot would be in the Kit section of  the Amateur Boat Building Awards and Katie would be in the  free-form sculpture section while we all get excited about going on our holidays, the fat lady hasn’t sung yet but she’s clearing her throat. 

 Grimbly Deadrise.

He Replied. 

My Dear Deadrise

When I realized what had happened, I feared for your sanity and your will to proceed under such adversity; I am greatly impressed that you have not taken to your bed, sobbing and swearing never to run away to sea again.  However Nil Protractor Carborundum as we say in the boat building business.

You really must learn to control your family, all these extraneous events will seriously cut into your creative activities, to say nothing of your life afloat.

Cee Dubbs

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