Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Katie Keels Over

Here's the reply Cee Dubbs sent. 

That’s extremely naughty of her

Girls like that can get a bad reputation. 

You have the forward ends of the floor strakes rotated so that the chine edges have been put together as the keel.  I am afraid this is what it looks most like – that would be enough to give a girl the real hump and the delight of any passing megaptera.  It will also give you the hump because it means a new set of floors forward.  Having cut the forefoot in means they cannot be undone and turned over. 

Looking at the picture, if you put her together as she is laid out on the drive then that is definitely what you have done.  The keel edges forward, while starting to ‘V’ as the forefoot is pulled up, are actually a straight contiguous line; they do not diverge until you reach the curve of the forefoot itself.

Go back to my A4 diagram and look at the floor plan – the word keel is written immediately underneath the top edge of the sheet and the forefoot is marked to suit.  The reason I recognize the symptoms are that when I put Octavia together first, she would have passed muster as banana.  In her case, I had to take the rear section of the side strakes off and turn them over to get rid of a monumental rocker.  I had not got as far as cutting any ends in so was able to undo my sins and wickedness without penalty.

Back to the drawing and a new board, I’m afraid..................

So in-short I had cut the quarter round at the bow 90 degrees out and was now trying to stitch the planks together upside down.................................

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robert.ditterich said...

Well that's a relief. Mystery solved.
Now, you might be able to make the first effort into a jet ski....it has that supersonic-look-at-me-I-can-make-a-lot-of-noise sort of appearance with that hump.