Sunday, 26 June 2016


Bugger Brexit, and Sod Wimbledon,

  lets all settle back to watch the brave boys and girls taking part in the amazing
Race 2 Alaska. 

750 miles, No Engines, No Support, No Kidding.

Boats range from Mono Hulls to Cats and Tri's.
 There's even a guy doing it on a Stand up Paddle Board!

Here's a flavour. 

The First Stage from Port Townsend to Victoria is the qualifier for the main attraction,
Victoria to Ketchikan. 

Full Details are here. 

Watch the whole thing live on the tracker here. 

Its compulsive. I'm particularly watching Angus Rowboats.   

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

More From Beale

A few random Photographs from Beale Park, including Mike Smylie aka "Kipper Man".

This Little Tug is powered by electricity, Note the false stack. That's not the only thing false about her. She had a recording of a steam engine which was played loudly through speakers as she cruised around the lake. Very funny, ..................................................the first  time. 

Ryan Kearley friend of the blog was there with his very nice little skiff. 

Fabian Bush also had this little 12 footer for sale at a give-away price, and still no takers.

Nick Smith brought this excellent launch along.