Thursday, 27 June 2019

Muddy Boys do The Isle of Wight. And survive.

Its been all go recently,
far too busy to blog. 

Here's a few shots of a recent Muddy Boys expedition to 
The Isle of Wight.  

Pierre and Paul discuss Brexit, John plans the route, while Paul T wonders if he remembered to bring a sick bag.  

Literally Up the Creek. 

Ready for the assault on the Golf Course. 

The road goes ever on. 

And on. 

And on.

Until Finally, after a short break to re-charge our pacemakers...……. 

We get to enjoy a bit of down hill. 

That mast looks close, in fact its a bloody big mast vary far away Dougal. 
And we weren't getting lunch until we got on the other side of it. 

Hurrah, we're not dead! 

On the other hand Dave is.

Dangerous Dave Death's Motorcycle Emporium. 

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Slip Sliding Away.

I think there is something very lovely about these old raised deck cruisers. 

They seem to hark back to a specific time between the wars when everything was very stylish and well built. 
This one is moored just above St John's Lock on the Thames near The Trout near Lechlade.

We have been doing the Thames Raid for ten years now and over that time there have been very few changes.
 We tend to see the same boats moored in the same places each time. 

This old lady has been moored on the meadows above Eynsham Lock since we started. 

A bit sad and neglected looking she had a notice pinned to her for a number of years telling passers  that she was licensed and insured implying that someone owned her and she wasn't abandoned. 

Last Year I'm told she had an eviction notice pinned to her so presumably wasn't paying either her mooring fees or river license. 

This year she seems to have slipped a bit further into disrepair.

Its very sad to see her go like this and I don't think she's too far gone to be pumped out and re-floated,
 but it would take someone with a big heart and even bigger pockets to rescue her.

Maybe someone who could afford a gaff like this would like to have it moored outside. 

Because if you've got the house, you really need the boat to go with it.