Saturday, 11 January 2014

Wolstenholme Coot Sailing Dinghy For Sale.

 For Sale 

Coot Sailing Dinghy. 

LOA 10ft 11ins
Beam 4ft 9ins
Sail area 70 ft sq

Designed by Andrew Wolstenholme

A new year brings new challenges and opportunities and I have decided to sell the Coot.

Built to a very high standard she was prize winner in the Kit Built section of the Amateur Boat Building Awards at Beale Park Boat Show. 
She is a lovely wee boat, a delight to sail and very forgiving. I have thoroughly enjoyed building and sailing her, she gets admiring glances and compliments wherever she goes.
But now its time to move on the other projects and she must go. 

Sunday, 5 January 2014

No Service

There was a brief lull in the storms this morning. It was calm and dry with the air temp hovering around freezing point.
Time for the first ride of the year.  Up to Farley Church, but no service today. 20 miles there and back, my feet are almost thawed now.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Last Call

A Very Happy New Year.

The Weather here is appalling, not a day for venturing out, so here is a little blast from the past to keep you amused. 

Rikki Fulton was a comedy genius and starred in his own Hogmanay comedy programme for about twenty years. One of his most famous characters was The Rev IM Jolly which parodied the over pious religious slot on Scottish Television at the time Late Call. 

So here he is in his last ever show in 1999.