Sunday, 3 January 2016

Plans For The New Year ?

I've been working on some plans for Amas, or if you prefer outriggers, for Katie Beardie.  They are pretty much half sized copies of the original hull. Apart from the obvious aesthetic appeal of having them look similar to Katie the shape should give a fine entry with plenty of buoyancy. 

Getting something to show you here has been a bit challenging. Apart from having to beat TurboCad into submission, the resulting files have to be saved as PDFs, loaded into  Photoshop then exported as JPEGs in order to get anything like decent resolution. 

Happy New Year.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Name that Boat.


Derek has been back in touch to say he's tracked down some details of his new boat. He's found an article reviewing the boat back in 1981 when it was first produced.
Unfortunately IPC mags who published it in PBO or Yachting Monthly or one of their other comics are a bit sensitive about their copyright so I can't reproduce it here. 
I can say that the boat was marketed by Court Marine but built in North Walsham by Hardy Marine. Moulds were taken from an original Shetland racing Skiff, hence the rather generic North Sea Skiff name. 
Price back then was a fairly stiff £1214 + VAT excluding trailer. 

The reviewer makes all the usual excuses about not being able to test this and that due to the conditions on the day but as you'd expect she's fast, easy to row, and just a tad flighty in a gust. 
She doesn't like tacking due to that long keel, but the later models had the bowsprit mentioned by Derek which helped a bit.

Enjoy Derek, and reef early! 

I've had an e-mail from Derek who is now the proud owner of this fine boat. He's trying to find out a bit more about the type. 

Quote, "Hi I have just bought a  Shetland  style  boat called a  North Sea skiff  it is 16 ft  and am looking for information  about it but can't find any on the Internet. And was wondering if you could help.

Grp   And just has  long keel  no centreboard  She has a lug sail and a jib on a bowsprit  have u ever seen this type of boat before  thanks Derek 

She definitely has a Nordic look about her and would be a close cousin to the Shetland Yole. 
 That deck looks like its been added later, the planks are going in all directions, although I do like the idea of decking these over, makes them very traditional looking and provides plenty of dry storage. Our Scaffie at the Ancient & Vulnerable has no storage at all. 

 Anybody recognise the design? Answers via the comments box please.