Sunday, 13 March 2011

Katie takes the Hump.

Last Monday and Tuesday I knuckled under and started to stitch Katie together. 
Almost as soon as I started I got an inkling something was wrong.

Too much Vee in the hull amidships.  She's going to be far too tippy!

I struggled on..... 

But as I started to stitch the bow together it became obvious all was not well.  

After hours of stitching un-stitching pushing and shoving she refused to take the shape Cee Dubbs intended for her so finally in desperation I dropped him a line. 

Evening Skipper.

I got Katie stitched up as best I could today.

What do you think?

I’m not sure if its intentional but She’s looking a bit “humpy backit” as my granny used to say.   

At the join there’s five inches of dead-rise which seems a bit too much Vee, and as you can see there is a lot of rocker forward of that.

I’ve tried getting the Spanish lassie (windlass)  to pull her down at the forward tressil is but she’s having nothing to do with it.

I’m wondering if I’ve left too much wood when cutting out the curves for the bottom planks, maybe the line needed to be straighter,  and I’m considering a Keelectomy, taking a sliver off the garboards and then pulling them back down to join but before I take such drastic action thought I’d seek the designers thoughts.

I tried putting a temporary bulkhead in with what I thought was a suitable amount of deadrise i.e. ” but it seemed to make matters worse and made the aft end Oil-Can, so I took it out again.

Could you have a look at your model and give me some idea what shape to expect.
Any advice would be appreciated, including “Get on with it idiot”.

Cheers . 

The response came back with the speed, precision, and gut churning honesty of a rapier..................................

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