Sunday, 27 March 2011

Taking the Biscuit

In terms of all time cock-ups building Katie has not only taken all the biscuits, she's now standing in line for a plate of blancmange. 

After my enormous bollox of cutting the forefeet (forefoots?) upside down, Cee Dubbs was so worried about his creation that he came round to have a look last Sunday.

Chris Partridge of Rowing For Pleasure was equally intrigued and came to help eat the biscuits and take some incriminating Photos. 

I'm sure Cee Dubbs just wanted to check I wasn't doing anything else wrong,  and guess what?
 He wasn't disappointed. 

He immediately spotted that she looked a bit "Chipmonkish".
 A bit too full in the cheeks maybe.

The tape measure told the true story. I'd let the batten lie too full on the  floors when I was marking them out, instead of keeping it to the Cut Lines clearly marked on the plans. 

On Monday I un-stitched it all again and had another look. below you can see the new correct position of the batten.

What's an inch between friends? well quite a lot actually. 

Now that inch had to come from somewhere, and that somewhere is the aft floor which is a corresponding inch too narrow on each side. 

The forward floors have been re-cut to their correct shape, the aft floors will just have to stay as they are. Life goes on,  the world does not stop revolving on its axis.

I have stitched it all back up together again and there is now a world shortage of cable ties, at least in the SO postcode district. 

So here we are beginning to look the way Cee Dubbs intended despite my best efforts at sabotage. 

I'm planning to put a couple more bulkheads in to stiffen her up and define her shape more accurately then I'll start to glue her up. 

And finally,
 regular visitors may have been wondering what happened to Cee Dubbs Rhythm Stick. 
Well, after the resounding success of the initial trials he has transferred his Yuloh to Rosie Mae and was spotted last Sunday taking her for a spin.

Thanks to Chris Partridge for the use of his clip. 

The more observant of you will have spotted me sailing by in Coot during the first few seconds of this clip.


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