Thursday, 24 May 2012

Eight days (a Week?)

Is it Eight Days or a Week until the Thames Raid ? 

That extra day might make all the difference. The pressure is on and people are beginning to show signs of stress.  Mutterings leak from workshops onto the internet. Tempers become short. Long suffering wives, all too familiar with the symptoms shake their heads in pity and dismay while their menfolk toil away. Lists of things to do seem to get ever longer, and then you remember you need to sort out all the camping gear, buy the food, check the car, sort the trailer, and try to remember where it is you are going. 

With the usual improbable prioritisation, Katie got her name plate today. She is still short of a mainsail but there's loads of time yet.  
Thanks to Gavin Williams, a member of the Ancient and Vulnerable St Deny's Rowing and Sailing Club  for making these up for me. I owe him a couple of beers. 

I decided to go Corporate, the font and colour should look familiar. 

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