Saturday, 2 June 2012

Sticky Tape and String.

A few days of sunshine last weekend meant I could get on with Katie's new suite of sails.

Now the trouble with this Blue Peter type of build, where there is very little in the way of plans, is that you can change your mind right up until the last minute, and also things don't always work out exactly how you hadn't planned them, if you know what I mean.  

Since this early sketch the main mast has been moved back to the other side of the bulkhead, so that the buoyancy chamber wasn't compromised. 

Somewhere along the line the mizzen mast has lost a bit of rake, the Boom is shorter and the yard possibly a bit higher. 

The picture below doesn't really do it justice as it was sitting at a broad reach in order to prevent a capsize on the trolley .

I seem to have spent all week getting ready. The boat is now finished. Well as finished as a boat ever is. The camping gear has been all sorted, food and clothes packed, and the roof bars have been altered to take Katie.

We meet at Lechlade, tomorrow Sunday, and we set off on Monday morning. 

Friday should see us at Beale Park for the Boat Show. 

A full report will follow. 

Weather Forecast?

Don't ask. 


doryman said...

Congratulations and good luck!
No reef points?

What is that (designed) thingy around the skipper's neck?

Port-Na-Storm said...

There are reef points, just invisible white on white, I need to run some lines, from the reef cringles, more last minute jobs.

Every dashing young (or old) man should have a neckerchief to add that stylish effect. Just don't get it wrapped round the Mizzen!
Must dash!