Thursday, 10 May 2012

Three and a half weeks to go.

Only three and a half weeks to go until the Thames Raid ! 

Tonight Dr Chris Adney reports that he has completed the construction of his canoe  and now needs to sand, epoxy, sand, varnish etc. 

Meanwhile in a ditch in West Sussex Dr Chris Waite has tested the trim and water ballast on Polly Wee. (You'll notice we are well covered in the medical dept. on this trip.) Don't worry he always looks like that when he's thinking. 

This shot gives more of an impression of her deep bow sections. 

In deepest Oxfordshire Timmo is finishing off his self designed and very attractive Zelva, which is to be powered by Hobie Mirage  Drive. 

And I'm beginning to fit some of the bits and bob to Katie Beardie, although she will get another coat of paint on the deck. 


doryman said...

Is that a drainage ditch???
And what happened to the good doctor's foredeck?

Graham Neil said...

The Good Doctor's Research and Development Facility may indeed double as a method of removing surplus rainwater from local agricultural land. The alternative River Arun is fast flowing, tidal and steep sided.
I have no doubt he has some piece of ply laid aside somewhere which has been carefully chosen to complete the decking once all the other bits and pieces, including the famous pedyuloh, have been completed. Loads of time!