Sunday, 26 November 2017

Sunday Morning 5.00 am

Back in June this year the HBBR stalwarts gathered at Lechlade for our now annual Thames Rally to Beale Park Boat show. It might have been the anticipation of the journey to come or perhaps the call of nature that had me up and about at 5.00 am on the day of departure, but it was a lovely morning as the sun broke through and slowly burned off the early morning mist.    

No Kidding 


doryman said...

I think of the Thames as a urban river, but you always post such pastoral scenes. Our waterways are not nearly as accessible as yours (no pubs with their own docks, for example). I really need to visit sometime.

Port-Na-Storm said...

Most of our rivers are inaccessible to small boats due to riparian rights, fishing, awkward landowners etc. The Thames is an ancient navigation, so for a modest fee we can use it. The Upper Thames, above Oxford is very pretty, if you come over we'll find you a boat. You'd be very welcome.

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Nice pictures!